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Missed it? No worries we will be doing another one. Stay tuned via the Livbylouise Facebook page or fill out the form below and we will email you the next time! Thank you so much for your interest!

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 The hosts, mavens, & sisters  Syrena Bean  & Sarah Morio

The hosts, mavens, & sisters  Syrena Bean  & Sarah Morio


Two sisters who like to make and want to share the recipes they have tried and the things they have made with women who like to make too!

Syrena (my lovely sister)  is always asked for the recipe of a dish she brought to pass. Only people who consistently make yummy stuff get that honor... needless to say I am not one of them. A room of full bellies and smiling faces is her happy place.

I (Sarah) have pretty much every craft supply you can think of and several I bet you didn't even know existed. A room for my collection was a requirement when we bought our home, I literally need a room.  Making handmade things for family and friends is pretty much a part of who I am.

We hope to combine our two loves into a super fun night! It gives us a good excuse to do what makes us happy and share it with others. We hope you join us.

Examples of the options of things you can make!

Maker Maven Party Details!

Date & Time: 5:30 - 8:30 PM April 3rd

Cost: $10:00... pretty much the cheapest dinner out and craft project ever!

Location: Traverse City on 641 at Syrena's house.

No need to bring anything, just bring your lovely self! 

The best part?

No skill level required and you will go home with at least one awesome something you made, some yummy recipes, a dogie bag of treats and maybe a prize or two!

Spots are limited, please sign-up below!

Give us your email below and we will send you the directions to Syrena's house for the party!